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Operation Red Nose? Say you're heading out to celebrate the holiday season on a cold December weekend. Maybe you plan on having a few drinks or on staying out ‘till the sun comes up. The thing is, you're also planning on bringing your vehicle. So if you do have those drinks or start falling asleep on your feet, do you have a plan for getting home - without getting behind the wheel and endangering people? Why not plan on calling Operation Red Nose? Operation Red Nose is a unique December-only designated driver program that operates for free. When you call your local Operation Red Nose headquarters, a three-person Driving Team will be dispatched to pick up you, your passengers AND your car. You and your fellow passengers will be driven to your destination in your vehicle and followed by an Operation Red Nose Escort. You can even call more than once during the same evening. Everyone gets home safely and your vehicle will be there waiting for you in the morning, all free of charge...although donations are accepted and all proceeds will go toward supporting local programs. So keep the snowy streets a little safer and give some kids a shot at sports, all with a single call! Where did the name Operation Red Nose come from? While you might think it's all about Rudolph, Operation Red Nose actually takes its name from an annual winter military exercise practiced by the Canadian Armed Forces in Quebec! The exercise was named Operation Red Nose because the cold weather resulted in a lot of red noses. However, the name was a perfect fit for the province's newly developed designated driver program, and the Canadian Armed Forced gave their permission to use it. Can anyone call Operation Red Nose? Operation Red Nose isn't a taxi service. It's a unique program that gets both vehicles and drivers home safely. So while anyone can call, you must have a vehicle in order to get a ride. You also need to wear seat belts so if you have more passengers than seat belts, someone will be staying behind. How many volunteers does Operation Red Nose need to operate? It's a case of, “the more, the merrier.” We have a dedicated group of 300 – 350 fantastic volunteers who help keep Operation Red Nose running. However, it's a popular program. The more people that call for rides, the more help we can use to make sure no one is kept waiting for long. If you have an evening to spare and a valid driver's license, we'd love to have you on our team! What does Operation Red Nose charge for rides? In a word: nothing. Operation Red Nose Sponsors cover the program's basic operating costs and our many generous volunteers donate their time. However, donations are definitely accepted, and all proceeds go toward supporting programs in the Quinte area.What does Operation Red Is the service confidential? Absolutely! All volunteers sign a form agreeing not to provide any information that might be used to identify a client, their passengers or their addresses. So don't let worries about discretion drive you away.
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